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Element Six’s CVD diamond heat spreaders offer new levels of thermal performance, delivering greater system performance, stability, and device life. Run higher power levels without increasing junction-operating temperature.

The limitations of conventional thermal management solutions can put a tight bottleneck on devices and components. This forces system designers in the aerospace, telecommunications, and defence industries to compromise between size, performance and reliability.

Chemical Vapour Deposition (CVD) diamond heat spreaders can help you reduce thermal management bottlenecks and achieve lower operating temperatures, improved performance and extended system life in a range of electronics applications.

Element Six has the in-house expertise, end-to-end development capabilities, and scalable resources to create CVD diamond solutions that meet your exact thermal requirements.

When you collaborate with us, you gain access to a CS Industry award-winning thermal solution manufacturer that can go beyond single components to understand and solve thermal management challenges across your entire system.

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Step change thermal management of RF devices using CVD diamond

CVD diamond heat spreaders provide superior thermal management for high power RF applications. Thermal conductivity can be engineered to suit the application, but it is necessary to consider the system as a whole in order to achieve maximum benefits.

For active devices CVD diamond heat spreaders enable:

  • Higher power operation for a given maximum operating temperature
  • Reduced peak temperatures (~25%) for a given power

RF resistors using CVD diamond substrates can operate at higher frequencies and powers before parasitic effects lead to signal distortion (>100w & > 10 GHz). Read more

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Improved performance

When electronic devices overheat, system performance and service life can quickly degrade.

CVD diamond heat spreaders can more than double overall system productivity in GaN solid state RF X-band PAs, advanced ASICs, and laser diodes alike.

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Greater heat sinking capabilities

CVD diamond enables you to run at higher power levels without increasing junction-operating temperature. For multifinger power devices and diode arrays, efficient heat sinking reduces thermal cross talk which is fundamental for stable performance and device life.    

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Quality And Consistency

Copper, silicon carbide, and aluminium nitride offer a certain level of thermal management, but often struggle to deliver the performance required by high-power RF and optoelectronics systems. 

Our TM200 offers 5x more room temperature thermal conductivity than copper, and 8 to 10x more than other commonly used ceramic heat spreaders such as beryllia and aluminium nitride.

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