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CVD Diamond Wastewater Treatment

Uncover the solution for effective treatment of industrial wastewaters

Welcome to Element Six

Discover the capabilities of our supermaterials

Element Six Global Innovation Centre Tour

Come and see our Global Innovation Centre and discover the leading materials research by Element Six

CVD Diamond Tweeter Domes

Discover stunning diamond tweeter domes with exceptional sound quality 

Grits: Meet the Team

Meet our employees and hear how our innovative work makes a difference

Grits: Heritage With a Great Future

See how Element Six is investing in technological excellence in diamond supermaterials

CVD Diamond Heat Spreaders

Unparalleled Thermal Management for high-end electronic applications

Oil & Gas

Discover how Element Six understands the exacting material demands of the oil & gas industry

Road Picks

View how our road pick materials can tackle highway demands


Aero-Dianamics™: Shaping the future of productivity in aerospace


Learn more about our expertise in CBN and PCBN supermaterials